Vivian arranged the reams of documentation needed very efficiently, remaining totally calm when various glitches occurred. She has an extensive network of Berlin contacts, which we found very helpful. Vivian’s greatest attribute is her personal touch. She is always there for you - a beacon in the crazy seas of relocation.
— Colleen Taylor, South Africa

Vivian Lie - Founder

Some of the companies I've helped:






Motorola Mobility

Takeda Pharmaceuticals



Bank of Montreal

House Hunter International (featured guest)


Vivian Lie

I named my business Make It Berlin because I believe I can make the city of Berlin a home that my clients will embrace and come to love as much as I do.

I was born in Berlin, raised in Munich and started a family in the United States before returning to my roots in Germany.  Having traveled extensively throughout the world while raising a family of four, I've been through the challenges of settling into a new environment many times. Whether evaluating schools, getting to know neighborhoods, hunting for a home, or handling the administrative steps of getting set up in a new city, I've been there, done that, and I know how challenging, stressful and uncomfortable relocating can be. 

I love helping my clients navigate these challenges so that they can focus on their work, their families, and discovering and enjoying this great city. Whether you come here as an employee, an executive, a family, or all of these, I look forward to helping you Make It in Berlin.


Before starting Make It Berlin, I worked as an International Relocation Specialist for the boutique relocation firm, Dwellworks, in Chicago USA.  I specialized in relocating executives and upper managers from all corners of the globe to the city and suburbs of Chicago.

Since moving back to Berlin, I work independently for private businesses and individuals, and also on an independent contract basis for ICUNet, one of the largest relocation firms in Europe, and Dwellworks-Germany, an international relocation firm with headquarters in the US.  I'm also being featured in an upcoming Berlin episode of the American reality TV show 'House Hunter International'.

My secret to success is taking the time to understand my clients on a personal level so I can make their move to Berlin one that they will enjoy for years to come.